MosaiQ™ COVID-19 Antibody Microarray
MosaiQ™ by Quotient
MosaiQ COVID-19 Antibody Microarray
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt every aspect of normality, affecting millions worldwide.

Quotient is committed to help those with immunity return to work and daily life particularly healthcare workers on the frontline. The MosaiQ COVID-19 Antibody Microarray is a serological disease screening test developed to screen for infection on the high-throughput MosaiQ™ instrument.

The MosaiQ COVID-19 Antibody Microarray

The Test

The MosaiQ COVID-19 Antibody Microarray is designed as a serological disease screen specific to COVID-19. The assay is designed to detect IgG and IgM directed at SARS-CoV-2.

Clinical Utility

The MosaiQ COVID-19 Antibody Microarray was CE marked on 01 May 2020 and is now available in Europe and Switzerland. With a 100% sensitivity and 99.8% specificity claim, the test has the best in class performance and overall agreement published to date.


The first microarray result is delivered in 35 minutes. Subsequent results occur every 24 seconds thereafter.


MosaiQ combines continuous loading automation with ease of use to maximize efficiency of testing. In an 8-hour shift, 1,000 microarrays can be processed, providing a high-throughput, walkaway solution.

The Instrument

MosaiQ is the world’s first fully automated testing solution that allows for rapid diagnostics on blood, serum, or plasma samples obtained through venous blood draw. The high-throughput system consolidates multiple analyzers onto one microarray, a miniaturized biochip, creating cross-functional value for labs. The MosaiQ instrument is CE marked and the microarray manufacturing facility is ISO 13485 certified.


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Benefits of COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Antibody testing is important as it indicates past or recent infection, allowing immunity rates to be assessed. Using COVID-19 antibody testing solutions to assess an individual’s potential immunity to the disease can help clinicians ultimately determine who can return to work and daily life amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Franz Walt, Chief Executive Officer, Quotient
Franz Walt, Chief Executive Officer, Quotient
“In the global effort to help contain the rapid spread of the new strain of coronavirus, we believe that the MosaiQ technology can provide healthcare workers with an efficient and reliable, high-volume antibody test.”
Ed Farrell, Chief Operating Officer, Quotient
Ed Farrell, Chief Operating Officer, Quotient
“The ability to quickly test whether people have developed antibodies due to infection is critical in supporting the response to the global pandemic.”


The Need for Serologic Testing

A global shortage of COVID-19 diagnostic tests is leaving nations uncertain and confused. As companies ramp up production of these tests to determine who is or has been infected, it becomes increasingly important to have multiple high throughput approaches to ensure maximum testing capacity.

Centralized Labs for High-Throughput Testing

Serological centralized lab testing is known for high-quality, high-throughput testing, able to maximize efficiencies of resource, testing large numbers of samples per week. With many point-of-care and molecular tests being developed, the central lab is an area of high need for serological testing.

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