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Training and Education

Training of laboratory staff begins on site during the MosaiQ installation and continues remotely through a variety of platforms.


Hands-on MosaiQ training

MosaiQ training sessions can be conducted in your laboratory, or, for advanced users, at our future MosaiQ Center of Excellence located in Eysins, Switzerland. Our center will offer a creative learning environment with a fully-equipped lab, including instruments, samples and products.

In your laboratory all participants will receive a mixture of both theoretical and hands-on MosaiQ training

In our centre of excellence for advanced training participants will gain experience on applications and instrument operation including demonstration workshops that feature various areas of immunohematology and donor disease screening.

At the end of each training session, participants will be required to answer test questions, run the instrument autonomously with a positive control reagent and demonstrate results.

The training is prepared to meet the needs of local compliance and audit regulations. A full track-and-trace system to demonstrate that all personnel using MosaiQ are competent will be available.

All participants will be required to pass the test and will receive certification.